Dr. Joseph T. Cruise recently performed gynecomastia surgery on a 38 year old male patient from Orange County. The patient had been suffering with enlarged male breasts for more than two decades and is now living a more enriched life as a result of surgery.

Newport Beach, CA. (PRWEB), May 01, 2014

Los Angeles gynecomastia surgeon, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise, recently witnessed how powerful male breast reduction surgery can be for men living with enlarged male breasts. A recent patient of his had been living with gynecomastia () for decades before having the financial ability to pursue surgery as a remedy.

“Although I perform hundreds of gynecomastia surgeries each year, I never lose sight of just how impactful the procedure can be for each patient suffering with this condition,” tells Joseph T Cruise, MD.

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Brandon, a 38 year old male patient form Orange County, CA., explained to Dr. Joseph Cruise the negative impact enlarged male breasts had on his quality of life over the past two decades. Around the age of fourteen he started to realize his enlarged male breasts were not normal and was being teased by his younger female relatives for having boobs. As a result, he began to withdraw from embarrassment and shame. Brandon became more reserved and quite and would never take his shirt off around his peers. He told Joseph T Cruise, MD his quality of life deteriorated dramatically.

As an adult Brandon researched gynecomastia treatment options, but found the cost was prohibitive then. After moving to Orange County, Brandon became financially able to pursue surgery and met with Los Angeles gynecomastia surgeon, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise. Brandon was an ideal candidate for male breast reduction, and soon after his initial meeting, he had surgery to correct his enlarged breasts. Brandon and his partner of thirteen years sat down with Joseph T Cruise, MD after his recovery and explained the degree of signifigance the surgery had on his quality of life. […..]

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