Ear Surgery Benefits

Benefits of Ear Surgery

The goal is simple; to make one's ears lay flat against the scalp so that they are not noticed. Having a protruding ear does not affect one's ability to hear, but it can make a significant impact on self-confidence. It is often said that kids can be cruel and this certainly applies when peers make fun of children who have protruding ears. Because the procedure is safe and predictable, the benefits of ear surgery usually significantly outweigh the risks.

Example of how ear plastic surgery can make a protruding ear lay flatter against the scalp.

If you have microtia or anotia the treatment options are much more complex. Here, the case is to create an ear where there once was none so that the individual will fit into society. Reconstructed ears will never look exactly like one naturally created, but they can be reconstructed such that when a person goes out into public he/she does not draw attention and ridicule.