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One of the top plastic surgeons in Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise excels in treating patients’ concerns with facial rejuvenation to reverse various effects of aging. For fine lines, wrinkles, and skin irregularities Joseph T Cruise, MD sometimes uses dermabrasion on both male and female patients. Joseph T Cruise, MD believes in providing every patient with the information that helps them might the right cosmetic surgery decisions for them, which is why he meets with each patient for a consultation prior to any procedure. At this consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask him detailed questions, as well as view a number of dermabrasion before and after pictures where you can see the excellent facial rejuvenation results Joseph T Cruise, MD’s patients experience.

Please see some of the below topics related to dermabrasion:

Dermabrasion Overview

Dermabrasion is a process where a trained cosmetic surgeon removes the top layers of facial skin in order to smooth the skin’s texture and help new skin grow healthier and thicker with higher collagen levels. When the top layer of the skin is removed, the new skin grows with a more equal, higher collagen production, which results in a smoother, more youthful appearance. Depending on a patient’s specific concerns it is one of many options for skin rejuvenation, and it can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures for a completely refreshed look.

Actual dermabrasion patient

Actual Joseph T Cruise, MD Dermabrasion Patient

Not only does dermabrasion encourage new skin to produce more collagen, but it also provides the top layers of the skin with better blood supply. Youthful skin receives an adequate blood supply, which helps it maintain its healthy, glowing appearance; however, with age, the blood supply to the skin lessens and this contributes to aged effects such as dry, unhealthy skin with wrinkles and discoloration. Dermabrasion also helps to minimize the larger pore size that occurs with stretched, aged skin, and restores an overall youthful glow and texture.

One of the best treatments for acne scars is to perform a fat transfer to the area under the scar, and then perform a dermabrasion so that the top layers of scar and “pockmarked” skin are removed. This helps create a rejuvenated, smooth texture and practically erase the appearance of the facial scarring. Joseph T Cruise, MD often performs a similar combination of fat transfer and dermabrasion to fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. These superficial wrinkles are one of the results of aging which Joseph T Cruise, MD addresses with dermabrasion, but deeper wrinkles may require a BOTOX ® injection or other procedure.

Dr. Joseph Cruise in Orange County has performed hundreds of procedures to help patients regain the healthy, youthful skin they are looking for. Speak with him about which procedures will best address your specific concerns.

Joseph T Cruise, MD's Dermabrasion Philosophy

The best use for dermabrasion is smoothing down irregular skin problems. It is true dermabrasion works well for facial rejuvenation, but patients also have great success with chemical peeling or laser skin resurfacing as well.

Dermabrasion is probably the best method for smoothing out deeply pitted acne scars. It will not completely remove acne scars, but it will improve the skin’s condition. Additionally, dermabrasion can be repeated if necessary and poses minimal risks to patients. If an acne scar is very deep, the best method for removing it is to surgically cut it out and meticulously suture back the normal margins. Then, at a later date dermabrade the entire area for the best result.

An exciting advancement in depressed scar repair is my new technique that where I first perform a fat transfer to pop up the scar, then finish by performing a dermabrasion on the entire area. These two procedures combined is the best non-surgical treatment available for acne scars.

Sometimes, the best way to correct the most severe scars is to perform surgery on them,  repairing them as meticulously as possible. Afterward, the patient may still choose to have a dermabrasion to smooth out skin texture. To figure out which treatment is best for every patient, I consult with each to customize an individualized approach.

Benefits of Dermabrasion

Most significantly, dermabrasion allows a qualified, professional cosmetic surgeon to smooth out skin irregularities from a patient’s face and other areas of common concerns such as the neck, shoulders, and chest. For years dermabrasion has been successful at:

  • Creating healthier, smoother new skin
  • Resulting skin that has better blood circulation, a rosy glow
  • Reducing and improving acne scars and deeply pitted scars
  • Flattening out depressed or elevated scars
  • Achieving results alone or in combination with other procedures

Joseph T Cruise, MD has found in his experience working with patients in Orange County that many people experience different results with the procedure based on their particular skin care needs and concerns. The benefits of dermabrasion can vary, but Joseph T Cruise, MD finds that they are very consistent when it comes to scars that patients want removed.

Possible Dermabrasion Complications

Although Joseph T Cruise, MD is highly skilled and does everything possible to prevent complications with any his cosmetic surgery procedures, dermabrasion does carry with it some risk. The most common complaint of patients after the procedure is an inadequate removal of the scar. While dermabrasion cannot guarantee a complete scar removal, it does a great deal to smooth skin texture and improve its quality, and it can be repeated if necessary.

Rarely, patients may experience more severe complications if the dermabrasion is performed too deeply, but Joseph T Cruise, MD’s experience allows him to avoid and prevent this situation. In some circumstances, patients can also experience hyper- or hypo-pigmentation, prolonged skin irritation and redness, and a possible reactivation of oral herpes if you have exhibited symptoms of the disease before. It is important to speak with Joseph T Cruise, MD at your plastic surgery consultation about your medical history so that Joseph T Cruise, MD can take preventative measures to minimize your chance of complications after dermabrasion.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Skin irregularities and scars caused by acne, abrasions, cuts, or other injuries typically exhibit the best results from dermabrasion. People who have experienced something that leaves their skin with sunken pockmarks, or elevated, uneven skin are often the best candidates for the non-invasive, highly-effective dermabrasion treatment.

Some people with certain types of skin concerns who are seeking facial rejuvenation may be interested in the benefits of dermabrasion. Often, Joseph T Cruise, MD recommends a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing for more effective rejuvenation results.

Typically recovery from dermabrasion requires 7 to 14 days of healing, during which the skin may look unpleasant, red, and highly irritated. For approximately 6 weeks after the procedure the area will remain red, fading through different shades of pink for  the following year.

Patients who have taken Accutane within the previous 2 years should not undergo dermabrasion, in order to avoid serious complications during the healing process. Please speak with Joseph T Cruise, MD about your medical history during your consultation, as this is very important to ensuring patients enjoy a safe cosmetic surgery experience.

Prior to Dermabrasion

Before any patient undergoes the dermabrasion procedure, Joseph T Cruise, MD recommends a protocol that involves Retin-A, glycolic acid, and Valtrex. This combination helps prepare the patient for the procedure as well as encourages rapid healing afterward. Joseph T Cruise, MD recommends a thorough skin care regimen after the procedure as well, to increase how long the patient will enjoy the dermabrasion rejuvenation results.

  • Medications. Certain medications thin your blood and should not be taken within 3 weeks of surgery. Patients should make sure to avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing products, Vitamin E, and many herbal products. Joseph T Cruise, MD will go over this more thoroughly prior to the procedure.
  • Washing. Patients should thoroughly wash the area receiving the dermabrasion with soap and water the morning of the procedure. Do not apply makeup, and pull your hair into a ponytail, bun, or braid so it is pulled back from your face.
  • State of mind. Joseph T Cruise, MD is dedicated to making the procedure as relaxed and pleasant for all patients as possible. Although some anxiety is expected, Joseph T Cruise, MD never wants to see a patient severely nervous or concerned. If necessary, he can prescribe a medication prior to the procedure to help alleviate your anxiety. Discuss your needs with him during your dermabrasion consultation.

Dermabrasion Anesthesia

Joseph T Cruise, MD and Cruise Plastic Surgery work only with Orange County board certified anesthesiologists who provide the best services in the industry. During your consultation, you can discuss with the staff the details about your medical history, which anesthesia is best for you, and what your concerns and preferences are for your cosmetic surgery procedure.

Dermabrasion can be completed under either local or general anesthesia.

After the Dermabrasion

The procedure itself will take about 1 hour.

Immediately. Immediately following the dermabrasion the local anesthesia provides the patient with excellent pain management. You can go home immediately. Remember that your skin will appear red and irritated for the following week, so many people prefer to go through the healing process in private. You need someone to drive you home, and it may be helpful to have someone help you for the next few days. Wear a hat if you leave the house, to protect your sensitive skin from sun damage.

After the dermabrasion, apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream to the area as necessary so that the skin does not dry out. Keep the area elevated to avoid swelling, and keep it as clean as possible as well.

First 48 hours. You can shower, eat, and do just about whatever you would like as long as you keep your head elevated, and away from sunlight and dirt. Keep reapplying the antibiotic cream as necessary.

First week. About 7 to 10 days after the procedure your healthy, youthful skin will have emerged. Your face will continue to be red for the next 2 weeks, and will lighten to pink for 6 weeks afterward.

Recovery from Dermabrasion

Typically, patients experience minimal complications and disruptions from daily life. Many of Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Newport Beach dermabrasion patients return to work within 10 to 14 days. One of the best benefits of dermabrasion is how non-invasive it is, especially considering how long the effects last.

If you have concerns about the healing and recovery process after dermabrasion, or if you are interested in the results that Joseph T Cruise, MD’s patients experience, take a look at the dermabrasion before and after pictures and be sure to discuss your concerns with Joseph T Cruise, MD at your consultation in his Orange County office.

Cost of Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a process of removing top layers of damaged skin to allow healthy new skin to grow in its place. Dr. Joseph T. Cruise also uses it to smooth out and reverse the damage from acne scarring. Patients are sometimes concerned about the cost of dermabrasion, but Joseph T Cruise, MD and all the staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery do not want to see anyone who could benefit from the results of dermabrasion be hesitant because of its cost.

Quality vs. Value

Patients often report to Joseph T Cruise, MD that dermabrasion results cause changes in their lives in unexpected ways. Although some benefits can be seen – youthful, glowing skin with a smooth texture and fresh appearance – other benefits are internal. Self-confidence, pride in appearance, and a refreshed outlook can’t be seen, but people experience all these results after dermabrasion. When choosing a plastic surgeon, take a look at their dermabrasion before and after pictures in order to see for yourself the benefits that their patients enjoy.

The value of the procedure can’t be measured in terms of cost. If you have decided to have dermabrasion to reverse your skin damage and acne scars, you deserve the best. Less experienced professionals may not provide you with results that give you the look you want, and could even result in complications. Make sure you always have an experienced surgeon, such as Joseph T Cruise, MD, to perform your dermabrasion procedure.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Approach

Joseph T Cruise, MD prefers to use dermabrasion to address acne scarring rather than for general skin improvement. To elevate the scar, first Joseph T Cruise, MD will use a fat injection, then dermabrasion removes the top layers of skin. His scar removal technique results in smoother, more even skin, and generally patients experience minimal complications and a quick healing process. (Take a look at Joseph T Cruise, MD’s scar revision before and after photos.)

On average, the dermabrasion cost ranges between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on how extensive the skin issues addressed are, and whether or not the procedure is performed at the same time as other procedures. At your consultation with Joseph T Cruise, MD you will be able to discuss the particulars of your customized procedure, and the staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery will provide you with an individualized cost for dermabrasion.

Find out more about dermabrasion financing options available through Cruise Plastic Surgery.