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Benefits of Financing Cosmetic Surgery

In many cases paying for your plastic surgery with cash may be difficult and seem unobtainable at the time. Many patients opt for cosmetic surgery financing to eliminate the burden of coming up with the full amount prior to surgery.


All of the companies Cruise Plastic Surgery works with have no pre-payment penalty. If one day you decide you no longer want to make monthly payments and have the resources to pay it off, you are fee to do so without penalty. Improving your appearance and helping your self-esteem should be a happy time. If coming up with the money at one time will keep you from having surgery or cause additional stress and worry, consider the financing options we have available.

With Cruise Plastic Surgery you can make payments with many different forms, such as a combination of financing companies, credit cards, checks and cash.

Sometimes, but not always, using a financing company may provide you with better interest rates than credit cards. If you have the option of using credit cards, make sure to check your interest rates and compare. We will work with you to make sure that in the end of the day you have chosen the best option to fit your budget.

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