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Cosmetic Financing Application Process

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Application Process

Care Credit

Completing the application online takes about five minutes. You will be asked for your household income, drivers license, etc. Once you fill it out, you will get an instant response whether you were approved, and if so, for what amount. Please print out that page, as it will have your account number on it.

Care Credit, cosmetic surgery financing

You will receive a credit card in a mail within 2 weeks, however, you can use your account even before you receive your card. The number on the sheet will be used. You will choose your plan, either at the time of making your surgery deposit or during your pre-operative appointment. Cruise Plastic Surgery offers plans from 24 to 60 months with 14.9% interest rate as well as 3 and 6 months 0% option. APPLY NOW

Med Loan Finance

  • Patients may  apply by phone or on-line
    • Online by filling out this application
    • By Calling 800-504-4053
  • Then patients are directed to loan search
  • The application gets submitted and reviewed. It takes around 3-4 business hours to have an answer
  • The office gets a pre approval/denial notification, this step takes up to a day
    • Loan documents are sent to the patient
    • Once the patient completes the documents, Med Loan will send the paperwork and terms to the office
  • The office will get disbursement seven to fourteen day prior to the surgery. APPLY NOW