Top 5 Reasons Why Patients Choose Breast Implant Removal

A growing number of women are choosing to have their  breast implants removed. Some opt to replace their implants with a new size or shape, while others no longer wish to have breast implants at all. Here are the top five reasons why patients choose breast implant removal.

Changing Trends and Beauty Standards

Beauty standards and trends in the cosmetic industry change all the time, and this includes the most popular options in plastic surgery. At the moment, women tend to favor a more natural look, even if they choose to have procedures like a breast augmentation. This means opting for subtler changes and more natural looking implants. Patients who previously chose larger implants may be more likely to replace them for a smaller size or have them removed altogether.

Breast Implants Don’t Last a Lifetime

Even the most high-quality implants don’t last forever. Most women who have a breast augmentation will eventually require an implant replacement, with the devices lasting around 20 years on average. Rather than keep up with this maintenance, some patients choose to simply have their implants removed without replacing them to avoid needing future surgeries.

New Cosmetic Preferences

Regardless of trends, many patients decide to have their implants replaced to better meet their changing personal preferences. They may feel that a different size implant, whether larger or smaller, will better suit their proportions at different stages of life. In particular, women may find that their natural breast tissue grows larger as they age, especially when they enter menopause. This can mean that a smaller implant, or removal of implants, can better suit their needs and be more comfortable in the long run. Similarly, patients with large implants may begin to face neck, back, or shoulder pain as a result just as those with naturally large breasts may.

Capsular Contracture and Other Complications

While most patients will not face issues with their breast implants, complications are possible. This can include capsular contracture, in which the scar tissue around an implant hardens and puts pressure on the implant. This condition can be very painful and must be treated by removing the implant and scar tissue. Other patients can experience a breast implant leak or rupture, which also requires surgical removal. After these issues, patients can choose to either replace their implants or go without.

Health Concerns with Breast Implants

Health conditions regarding breast implants have received more attention in the news and social media over recent years. This includes breast implant illness, an autoimmune or inflammatory condition that can cause symptoms like joint and muscle pain, fatigue, breathing problems, or sleep issues. While conditions like breast implant illness are rare, some patients choose to simply have their breast implants removed to calm any anxieties about developing issues later on. 

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