A breast augmentation procedure entails numerous choices that need to be made together between the patient and doctor. Patients will need to work with their surgeon to choose the best implant type (saline or silicone), size, profile, and muscle placement in order to achieve the desired appearance.

Implant placement is not typically the main consideration for patients when considering breast augmentation.  The focus is typically on the size and type of implant used. This is understandable as the implants are what create the desired shape, size, and contour for the breasts. However, implant placement plays a bigger role than women realize when it comes to the appearance of the breasts and lifespan of the implants.

Dr. Cruise is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 15 years of experience practicing in the field. His practice is solely dedicated to cosmetic surgical procedures. He has made cosmetic surgery his life’s work and focuses on developing advanced techniques to provide his patients with superior results while maintaining high safety standards. Dr. Cruise spent years developing a highly specialized implant placement technique called “complete muscle coverage breast augmentation.” He is one of the few surgeons in the country who has perfected this technique and it is what truly sets him apart from other plastic surgeons who perform breast augmentation.

How is the Breast Impacted By Implant Placement?

There are three implant placement options available however not all surgeons offer all of them. There is sub-glandular placement (under the breast tissue and above the muscle), sub-muscular (also known as under the muscle) and complete muscle coverage. Sub-glandular placement is more of an “old school” technique that isn’t performed very often due to issues that can arise more frequently than with the other two techniques. The sub-muscular or “under the muscle” placement allows the implant to be placed under the muscle but what most patients don’t realize is that the implant is not actually fully covered by the muscle. Just about ½ of the implant remains exposed. This is the most popular placement with breast augmentations and it is not a bad technique at all. It is important to note that issues can arise when the implant isn’t fully covered such as visible imperfections of the implant. It is also very difficult to create a nice cleavage with this technique unless the patient’s anatomy is already such that cleavage is already attractive, to begin with. Another issue is the lateral migration of the implants into the armpits when laying down. Many women complain about not liking this.

With Dr. Cruise’s innovative complete muscle coverage technique, the entire implant is fully wrapped by the underlying muscles. There is no portion that is exposed. This allows him to create a sexy cleavage and for the implants to have additional support ensuring they stay in place even when laying down. Implants will also tend not to feel as heavy. Dr. Cruise can create a perky breast look with a close cleavage. Results are also longer lasting.

Implant placement also plays a role in the overall look of the breasts after augmentation. With Dr. Cruise’s technique, he has more freedom in the placement of the implant allowing him to customize  the results to meet the goals of his patients.

Benefits of Dr. Cruise’s Complete Muscle Coverage Breast Augmentation

Placing the implant above the muscle used to be the most common technique for plastic surgeons to use. However, capsular contracture, rippling, and lack of support were frequent issues. To reduce these issues the sub-muscular placement was developed and plastic surgeons were trained on this technique when going through their schooling.  This then became the preferred placement method of breast implants. This is still the most common technique used today even though there can still be issues with visible rippling, capsular contracture, implant movement or an unnatural appearance.

Dr. Cruise’s complete muscle coverage technique involves the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and a small portion of the external oblique to make sure that the entire implant is covered. Dr. Cruises’ technique offers the benefits of less rippling, less implant movement, and less bottoming out. Also, the lateral support pushes the implant towards the midline for closer cleavage, which is a goal for a lot of women. This technique also helps his patients to get long-lasting results.

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Dr. Joseph Cruise is one of the top plastic surgeons in Newport Beach. He created the complete muscle coverage breast augmentation to help his patients enjoy long-lasting results with a great look. To get started on learning more about breast augmentation and your options, contact Dr. Cruise today for a consultation.