Botox Injections

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise is a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, specializing in facial rejuvenation procedures including BOTOX® Cosmetic. Many patients have similar questions and concerns, and Joseph T Cruise, MD feels it is important that they have access to all the information they need in order to make the right decision for them. On this page, Joseph T Cruise, MD discusses some of the most important topics about BOTOX® Cosmetic.

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Overview of BOTOX® Comsetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures because it is virtually painless, highly effective, very simple, and requires very little recovery time. Although the risks associated with BOTOX® are minimal, there are a few risks associated with it. Experienced plastic surgeons, such as Joseph T Cruise, MD, are practiced at reducing the complications associated with any facial rejuvenation procedure.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is derived from a toxin that paralyzes muscle movement. 2 to 3 days after an injection of BOTOX®, the patient will begin to notice the paralysis in the area around the injection. The paralysis lasts typically 4 to 5 months.

In the 1970s BOTOX® Cosmetic was used to correct over-active eye muscles, but it was later found to be dramatically effective on crow’s feet and deep wrinkles as well. Plastic surgeons found that they could control muscular paralysis in these areas with BOTOX® injections, providing temporary relief from this effect of aging that affects so many people.

As one of the top Newport Beach cosmetic surgeons, Joseph T Cruise, MD has many BOTOX® patients who choose to return for additional injections when the effects wear off, and many others who choose to undergo surgical facial rejuvenation procedures in order to achieve more permanent results. You can discuss the option that is best for you when you meet with Joseph T Cruise, MD for your consultation in his Orange County office.

Joseph T Cruise, MD's BOTOX® Philosophy

Facial rejuvenation, including Botox, specialist Dr Cruise

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an extremely effective tool in plastic surgery’s box. I say this because not only is it effective at improving dynamic wrinkles, but it is an excellent alternative for patients who do not want surgery.

I like BOTOX® Cosmetic because it is an excellent addition to plastic surgery procedures, as well as being effective alone. It is the first type of treatment I use for the forehead and peri-ocular wrinkles that are made worse by facial expressions. As you age, these muscles become more prominent. During normal facial aging these wrinkles become particularly noticeable.

BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used by all age groups. In fact, I believe by using BOTOX® Cosmetic in your late 20′s and early 30s to treat dynamic wrinkles you can delay the onset of permanent wrinkles. By paralyzing the muscles, wrinkles are not created in the first place, or at least their appearance is delayed. Also, I have found that repeated injections over time create prolonged paralysis of the supportive muscles actually causes those muscles to fade away. In effect, this results in a permanent improvement.

Benefits of BOTOX®

At Cruise Plastic Surgery, we find that BOTOX® Cosmetic dramatically improves deep wrinkles caused by overactive muscles, on all areas of the face, for both men and women over the age of 30. Static, fine wrinkles that are present regardless of whether you’re smiling are caused by changes in the skin or underlying fat rather than the muscle, and are not affected by BOTOX® Cosmetic. Discuss your options with Joseph T Cruise, MD at your consultation at his Newport Beach office – depending on your skin, he may recommend one or several of the following facial rejuvenation procedures in addition to BOTOX®:

Before you meet with Orange County plastic surgeon Joseph T Cruise, MD you can help evaluate whether or not your wrinkles will be helped by BOTOX® Cosmetic. Take a look at whether or not they disappear, or are made worse, with facial muscle movement such as smiling, elevating your eyebrows, or tightening your neck. BOTOX® produces its best results in the furrows of the forehead, and around the eyes, but can also help issues such as neck banding, a.k.a. “turkey neck.” Discuss what you see with Joseph T Cruise, MD, and together you will be able to find a plastic surgery approach that helps you achieve the look you want.

Possible BOTOX Complications

Patients very rarely experience significant complications with BOTOX® Cosmetic, which is one of its most appealing benefits. The most common complication is an unexpected result – either the patient’s face looks flat and unnatural, or the wrinkle is not completely removed.

Joseph T Cruise, MD has experience with all types of faces and wrinkles – he has even performed BOTOX® injections on himself – so he can best customize his facial rejuvenation approach to leave each patient with the most natural looking, ideal results. In cases where patients feel that the results have not gone far enough to reverse the effects of aging, Joseph T Cruise, MD can work with them on additional BOTOX® injections, or can discuss alternate cosmetic surgery options.

A more severe, but rare, complication from BOTOX® is a paralysis of the muscles that elevate the eyelid. This is called “ptosis.” It is a temporary condition that lasts 4 – 6 weeks, but typically reverses itself naturally. Other Newport Beach plastic surgeons often refer patients with this problem to Joseph T Cruise, MD, and his years of training and performance of BOTOX® injections allow him to reduce the risk of this complication.

Other minor effects associated with BOTOX® Cosmetic include swelling, minor bruising, and discomfort. If you are concerned about any other potential complications from this type of facial rejuvenation procedure, please discuss them with Joseph T Cruise, MD at your consultation.

Are You a Good BOTOX® Candidate?

Joseph T Cruise, MD has found that the best results from BOTOX® are typically to deep wrinkles caused by over-active underlying muscles. People use their facial muscles constantly everyday to express themselves, and everyone wants to give off a young, fresh facial appearance. However over time, the expressions a person makes embed themselves as wrinkles in the face, so although a person is happy and expressive, he or she looks older and more worn than they feel.

Good candidates for BOTOX® injections are people with deep furrows in their forehead, or those with wrinkles around the eyes or temples that get deeper when the person smiles or raises their eyebrows. This type of facial rejuvenation can go a long way toward helping reverse the effects of aging around the chin and mouth as well. Deep creases on the lower face, excessive nasal flaring, and banding on the neck can all be treated effectively with Orange County plastic surgeon Joseph T Cruise, MD’s customized BOTOX® Cosmetic injections.

Prior to BOTOX®


  1. Stop taking all aspirin-containing products, medications that contain blood thinners (Motrin, Advil etc.), vitamin E, and herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery. You can take 1 multivitamin per day.
  2. There is no problem with eating or smoking prior to having BOTOX® Cosmetic. Many people come in on their lunch break and go right back to work afterward.



1. Arnica – (888) 746-3224 – may decrease bruising, or help it to go away faster. Patients with high blood pressure should not take this herb.


No anesthesia is necessary for BOTOX®.

After BOTOX® procedure

  1. Immediately after the injection you may feel a little funny or you may feel nothing at all. You can leave immediately and go back to work or your daily activities.
  2. Do not expect immediate results. Remember, BOTOX® Cosmetic takes 2 to 3 days to start working. When it does take effect do not be concerned if you have a slight feeling that your face is “not your own,” as this is normal. This feeling goes away quickly. By day 3 you will notice a marked improvement in your wrinkles. In fact, you will feel as if much of tension around your eyes and forehead has gone away. Many people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines have significant relief after having BOTOX® Cosmetic. This improvement will remain for approximately 4 to 5 months.
  3. Most bruising (if it happens) will fade after the second week. After the first week much of the remaining discoloration can be concealed with a cream-based cosmetic.
  4. You may ice the injected area for about 15 minutes to help prevent bruising. Don’t put ice directly onto your skin.

Recovery from BOTOX®

The great thing about BOTOX® Cosmetic is that there is really no downtime. Often, patients come into the Newport Beach location on their lunch break, and go right back to work afterward. Friends and co-workers will not notice any immediate changes or effects of your cosmetic surgery. But do not doubt, the wrinkle improvement caused by BOTOX® Cosmetic is very dramatic by day 3. For a full picture of results, view the available facial rejuvenation before and after pictures to see how BOTOX® Cosmetic affects patients once they are enjoying its rejuvenating benefits.

Cost of BOTOX®

For some people, cost can be a concern when they are making the decision whether or not to include BOTOX® as a part of their facial rejuvenation routine. BOTOX® is highly effective, and can easily be added to other procedures to enhance their effects. While financial concerns may play into your decisions about cosmetic surgery, we at Cruise Plastic Surgery do not want to see anyone let matters of cost stand in the  way of them looking, and feeling, their best.

 Quality vs. Value

BOTOX® is a procedure that many unlicensed, inexperienced non-medical professionals have begun to administer outside of plastic surgery settings. Unfortunately, many of the patients who seek their services have to deal with complications and poor results. Cruise Plastic Surgery highly recommends all patients consider the background, training, and qualifications of the professional they are choosing to perform their BOTOX® injections. Knowing about the surgeon’s background and looking at results apparent in their before and after pictures can help you avoid making a mistake by choosing a surgeon based simply on cost.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Approach

Joseph T Cruise, MD uses BOTOX® to eliminate dynamic wrinkles before they become permanent wrinkles, generally as part of a patient’s facial rejuvenation routine. BOTOX® provides beneficial results when used on its own, and can easily be added to other procedures. It is an out-patient, straightforward procedure that results in minimal complications or recovery time for most patients.

On average, the cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic varies with the number of areas to be injected, and the depth of the wrinkles. The cost per unit is $12. The forehead area averages between $200 and $300, while the total cost of BOTOX® for both crow’s feet areas will be between $200 and $400. The price can also vary if BOTOX® is performed with other facial rejuvenation procedures.

You will receive a personalized estimate for your BOTOX® costs at your consultation with Joseph T Cruise, MD.

Find out more about BOTOX financing options available through Cruise Plastic Surgery.