We are excited to announce Joseph T Cruise, MD will be featured on Bravo TV’s popular reality show “Newlyweds, The First Year.” He can be seen this Wednesday, February 10th at 10pm/PST. The episode will show newlywed Brandon Liberati as he talks to Joseph T Cruise, MD about a condition he has been suffering with and one that affects approximately 65% of the male population. After learning more about his options from Joseph T Cruise, MD, Brandon, with the support of his partner Craig Ramsay, decides to go ahead with corrective surgery. The episode will show how emotional Craig is after dropping Brandon off to have his surgery.

You can watch a clip of the “Newlyweds, First Year” episode 7 on Bravo here: http://bit.ly/craigdropsoffbrandon

Newlywed Flyer - final