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Lower Eyelid Surgery – Before / After

Correction of lower eyelids with skin and/or fat removal

Lower and upper eyelid surgery.
Under eye bag removal
Lower lid bag removal.
Lower and Upper Eyelid Surgery.
Lower and Upper Eyelid Surgery.
Removal of significant bags from under the eyes.
Correction of bags under the eyes.
Lower eyelid surgery with canthopexy to elevate the corner of the eyes.
Correction of circles under eyes.
Lower eyelid surgery, fat transfer, temple lift and chemical peel. The arrows
indicate the areas where fat was injected.

Correction of lower eyelids with Fat Transfer

Correction of lower lids and brow area with fat transfer. Performed under
local anesthesia. Three months after procedure.
Fat Transfer to lower and upper eyelids and cheeks.
Fat transfer to the lower lids, cheeks and upper eyelids, performed with Face lift, Temple lit,
and Juvéderm to the lips. Six weeks after surgery.
Fat Transfer to lower lids, cheeks and brow area. Performed with Face Lift and
Temple Lift procedure.
Fat Transfer to cheeks and lower lids, performed at the same time as
Face Lift with Neck Midline Plication. Six weeks after.
Fat Transfer to lower lids and cheeks. Performed under Local anesthesia.
Fat Transfer to tear trough (lower lids), upper eyelids, cheeks, and forehead. Patient also had rhinoplasty and chin implant performed at the same time. Two months after surgery.
Fat Transfer to lower lids and cheeks; performed under local anesthesia.
Fat Transfer to tear troth with face lift and neck lift
Fat transfer to the lower lid
Fat transfer to the lower eyelid
Fat Transfer to cheeks, lower lids; performed under local anesthesia.

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